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realtime immersive animation

Bring your ideas to life

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ANIMOTIVE Requires Windows 10+ and a VR-Ready PC plus a VR headset with a link cable or wireless link

A real-time collaborative VR tool that makes 3D animation...




Now you can focus on being creative.

The ANIMOTIVE Solution 

Create at Lightning Speed

Produce your own professional quality 3D animated content in minutes, not months 

Design Your Own Look & Feel

Create your own design aesthetic; then import your custom-built characters, props and sets

Easy & Intuitive To Use

Embody your characters then perform, light, shoot and export your scenes in just a few clicks

Tweak & Adjust Your Content

Make unlimited changes to your performances, lights, cameras, sets and props

Collaborate Remotely with Your Team

Share a virtual stage with performers and crew who can join you from anywhere in the world 

Get Realtime Results

From your very first workshop to your final delivery

Work With Your Favourite Tools

Design, refine and enhance your projects using industry-standard animation software and game-engines

ANIMOTIVE is a cloud-connected desktop PC application

Try Our Built-in 3D Worlds

Kickstart your ideas with our Light World & Dark World characters, sets and props

Or Create Your Own 3D Worlds

Import your own custom-designed 3D characters, sets and props

Invite Your Friends

Your whole team can join you remotely in a realtime VR production space 

It's time to get CREATIVE!

Embody Characters

See and perform from the character’s point of view (add a Meta Quest Pro and an Xsens mocap suit for superior performance capture)

Optional MoCap

Connect a Meta Quest Pro for full face-capture and an Xsens performance-capture suit for full body capture, auto-retargeting, character-rescaling and perfect eye-lines

Capture Multiple Scenes

Perform, light, shoot and save unlimited scenes & takes and export your favourites in just a few clicks

Change Any Element

Make modifications, add new elements, save unlimited scenes and takes 

Export Your Content

Your favourites scenes and takes can be exported as video or FBX

Polish Your Content

Continue to adjust your animated scenes in your favourite 3rd party software applications

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