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Animotive New Release Ver, New Blog announcement, and Tutorial Content!

Hi Folks! We're happy to announce we are launching the new blog to keep you all updated on what's happening over here with Animotive. Between content features, new videos, insights from the developers, we hope that these blogs will be of benefit for users. Kicking off our first blog with a brand new version , Animotive!

All of the changes will be available over in the release notes but we would like to highlight some of the more exciting parts of the update!


New Features

Expanded FBX export functionality to include the following:

Ability to export all entity types (Characters, Props, Sets, Cameras and Lights)

Ability to export materials & textures.

Ability to export the Scene either as individual FBX files or one combined FBX file

Implemented the ability to import Audio Clips, along with a new Audio Player that can be accessed to load and play audio clips for the purposes of choreographing or lip syncing animation to pre-existing audio

Bug Fixes

Fixed server issue that was preventing some users from Asia and the Middle East from being able to open + join Scenes

Upgraded FBX import package - this will resolve several Asset (particularly Character) import issues from the previous version and include more detailed error feedback where previously the message would state “Importer cannot read file”

Fixed that Spotlights weren’t grabbable by Characters

Fixed intermittent IOException error on downloading Project Assets

Implemented more hover tooltips for abbreviated text in Asset Library

Fix for bug preventing user from moving Projects Path to a different hard drive

If you have any feedback please be sure to check out our Discord's #feedback channel


New Tutorials Our content specialist Toni has been hard at work creating some in-depth tutorials for the Desktop mode to help you get up to speed with the Camera and Light's features. Be sure to check them out!

Sneak peek We can't say too much right now but we're cooking up something exciting for Animotive users. Take a sneak peek below with our lovely team members Oisin and Emily.


And thats everything folks. We cant wait to see what you make with Animotive next. Be sure to join the Animotive Discord and follow us over on X (formerly Twitter).

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